“EVERYTHING rises and falls on LEADERSHIP”. As you also know by now, making the most of the opportunities that God gives you, require that you constantly improve your leadership abilities. The African Leadership Institute (ALI) has successfully trained many business, government and church leaders since January 2005.   
Testimonies from students and employers confirm that the training improved the strength of character of the participant, helped them to be more trustworthy, proactive and brave. 
Their ability to manage their own families improved and their relationships with other employees was strengthened as well. We are accredited by the Namibia Qualifications Authority to present the following programs:
  • Certificate in Transformational Leadership (Level 5)
  • Diploma in Transformational Leadership (Level 6)

We are also registered with the Namibia Training Authority meaning that companies who are responsible to pay NTA levies, can reclaim those fees from the NTA (conditions apply).
Go to the page “Study @ ALI” and fill-in our online registration form or download our application form. Once completed, you can scan it and e-mail it to secretary@ali.com.na  or you are welcome to drop-off the signed hard copy at our office (344 Independence Avenue, PWC Building).
Go to the page “Study @ ALI” where you’ll find all the necessary detail about:
  • ALI’s minimum requirements
  • Mature Age Entry
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
The following link (Programmes) will give you some guidelines. Please browse through and contact us if you require more information.
The following link (ALI Campus) will give you some guidelines. Please browse through and contact us if you require more information.
  • Arrival
    •   When arriving at the Rock Lodge, please book in at the reception. The program officially starts at 08:00, Monday morning
      You have two options of arrival:
    • Sunday evening before 18:00 (no dinner is served, but sandwiches and coffee/tea will be available from 18:00) or
    • Monday morning before 07:30 (breakfast is served 07:30 – 08:00).
  • Accommodation
    • You will find more information about the Rock Lodge and its facilities on www.rocklodge.com.na
    • Rooms will be shared by students. If this arrangement is inappropriate for you, and you prefer to stay in a single room, arrangements can be made at your own costs, depending on room availability, through communication with the ALI office before commencement of the training. The extra cost for single accommodation is N$180 per night or N$900 per training week (five days).
    • Please note that you need to evacuate your room before breakfast on your last morning at The Rock Lodge.

  • Sessions:
    • All sessions will be 90 minutes. Group discussions will form a very important part of the training in which students can learn from each other. It is expected of the students to attend all the sessions unless it is stated differently on your program or by your course coordinator.
  • Punctuality:
    • This is extremely important. It is expected of students to be punctual for all sessions and meal time.
  • Dress code
    • The dress code is smart casual for all lectures and meals. T-shirts and slippers are not allowed.
  • Name tags
    • Please wear your name tags at all times while you are on the training premises.
  • Photographs
    • A group picture will be taken during your celebration evening at the end of week 3 of your training.
  • Cell phones
    • Please switch of all cell phones while we are busy with sessions.
  • Visiting relatives and friends
    • The major reason for you being here is to equip yourself to become a better leader through the studies. Visiting friends and relatives are secondary and we would therefore advise you to arrange meetings such as these in times where it will not influence your studies in any way. This include the sessions you need to attend as well as the assignments you need to complete.
  • Fellowship
    • We want to encourage you to mingle as much as possible with all students as this is also an important part of the training.
  • Respect
    • While allowing freedom of expression at the Institute we want to urge all students to show respect for the sensitivities of others. Please be considerate in the way you do things and be willing to learn from the ways of others as well.
  • Tobacco and Alcohol
    • Smoking is considered a health hazard and drinking alcoholic beverages is not accepted in many Third World Christian cultures. Therefore, please refrain from smoking and drinking on the premises.
  • Safe-keeping
    • Avoid keeping substantial amounts of cash or any other valuables in your rooms. The Institute will not be responsible for any loss. If you have anything you would like to store in a safe place you can communicate with the people at the office to do that for you.
  • Sickness
    • If you are unwell during the training please notify your course coordinator. Serious cases of illness will be referred to our Doctor.
  • Emergencies
    • If there should arise any case of emergency you should contact your course coordinator as soon as possible.
    • The Rock Lodge is a beautiful place with wonderful recreational possibilities. You can enjoy the hiking trails, the swimming pool or spend some time on the prayer mountain. A television room is available for those who would like to watch the news.
  • Library
    • The ALI Library at the ALI office has some more excellent leadership books for your convenience and enjoyment. Please sign them out at the Receptionist and return them before you leave the premises.
  • Journal
    • You are encouraged to keep a daily journal of the most important insights and lessons you have learned. A “JOURNAL” is provided for this purpose in your file.
  • Dietary requirements
    • If you have any special dietary requirements, please communicate it with Reception upon arrival.